Purpose and Scope

The Syracuse University computing network was built some 30 years ago-before e-mail, text messaging, cell phones, and podcasting were invented; when computers required large rooms instead of pockets; when Apple was just a fruit; and before Microsoft became a household word.

The 21st-century technologies we use to interact with each other and with the global community beyond the SU campus require a network infrastructure that can effortlessly handle billions of pieces of data in all its forms-text, music, voice, digital, images, numbers, etc.-24 hours a day, seven days a week. The network is the base upon which all other computing technologies and applications depend. It is vital that the University build a network that is capable of supporting technologies that are here today and can be imagined for tomorrow.

The five-year project will include:  

  • Installing new wiring and network technologies (switches and routers) inside buildings to create a bigger "data pipeline." The new pipeline (which will increase from the current 10 megabytes to one gigabyte) will enable more data to simultaneously travel across the University network;
  • Rebuilding the rooms (called telecommunications rooms) in academic and administrative buildings across campus. The new telecommunications rooms will be environmentally controlled to limit the risk of equipment failure, house new network equipment, and consolidate existing network infrastructure equipment;
  • Rebuilding the fiber-optic cabling that interconnects campus buildings and provides the University's pathway to the global community; and
  • Rebuilding and expanding AirOrange, beginning with the residence halls, to make wireless networking pervasive across the entire campus community.